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First Animation!

2010-07-28 00:22:53 by NinjaMuffinEditing

Helloz! Ive made a new animation called Random Sparticles...

Yeah I know it didnt come out too well...I was bored when I did this and my friend Mirna gave me this idea of doing that so it was for her lol.
I know it well...suckz but cmon give it a chnace lol

Also the other animation is still on the running course and its name will now be Stronghold Dateline!
Look put for updates bye!

New Animation

2010-07-09 22:22:58 by NinjaMuffinEditing

Hewwoz again I hope chu guys like the banner I made....its a bit um yea.... >w>

Well anyways I gave up on this one animation cuz it wuz bit lagging so Im starting on a new on and heres a pic to show the main characters of it. I dont the name of it yet but its about well a guy that wins a radio contest that gets to date a random person but in the end somehow ends up with a date with 4 gurls! He doesnt know who he likes but all the girls seem to like him.
See you guys next time!

New Animation


2010-07-06 10:58:41 by NinjaMuffinEditing

Hey Im new to newgrounds and stuff and soon I'll be an animator too as soon as I figure out how to use it, but soon I fill this place up with that.

I have on animtion coming up but it wwill take time as it we be a prolouge animtion and current percentage is about 10% done soo see ya soon!

Edit: Whooo I added a new banner I hope you guys like it and i figured out animating ish prety hard >w<!